vegan shoes

I’m a big fan of shoes. I think some of you are as well, right? I used to buy my shoes at Deichmann, but nowadays I’m more aware of origin and production. Of course fair trade shoes aren’t cheap, but do you really have to be cheap with shoes? I mean it’s supposed to be good for your feet quality wise and if the workers get paid accordingly, that’s even better, because what they earn is ridiculous, but I support this with my consumption and sure, I can’t save the world, but I can share some things in my life. It’s not always easy and sometimes it doesn’t work that well but it doesn’t have to.

In my opinion, no one has to be perfect. You should only try to be a little bit better than yesterday and thinking about your actions never hurt anyone. Sometimes I clash with myself and buy cheap products, but I can work on that.

How and which way you do this is up to you. Some people avoid plastics completely, others only buy second hand clothing, there’s a thousand ways.


But enough of that, I want to introduce you to some companies, whose products I bought or was sent. Who can say no to that? Well I can’t and I don’t care what others do.


Company 1: Sorbasshoes-Berlin

SORBAS are modern, but traditionally produced Sneakers. They are being produced in trustworthy and familial businesses. They’re keen on keeping a friendly relationship and regular exchange with their producers. This is great for the quality and for working conditions. They want to know where their shoes are from and how they’re produced. Unfortunately they offer leather shoes as well, but they have a big range of vegan shoes.


I got to test a pair of shoes and I’m blown away. Not only do they fit perfectly, but they’re extremely comfortable and pretty. That’s how I like my shoes. Who doesn’t. For their sneakers they use organic waterproof cotton, which is grown without pesticides or artificial fertilizer. The fabric is produced in Europe. TIP TOP.


Company 2: Wills vegan shoes

Wills vegan shoes are so so so pretty! The design is really distinct and creative. I really like that and I got to choose a pair. The sandals I got are super comfortable and are made of soft Italian faux leather. They were produced fair in Portugal and are PETA certified. 😀 What more could you want?


WIll is keen on creative design. He is keen on individual shoes, which are fair and free of animal torment. That’s something you have to support, right? I really like that you can always tell where the shoes or materials are from and that he reacts to questions. Maybe you could check out his homepage?