Hey guys ! I know it’s easy to use custard powder but it’s super easy to make it by yourself without some special ingrediants. It’s definitely healthier and super quick. It’s a pudding quickie and you definitely should have some quickies in your life!



500 l / 16.9 floz warm Milk ( oat and sojamilk are my favorites)

30 – 40 gr / 1,05 – 1.41 oz corn Starch

30 – 40 gr / 1,05 – 1.41 oz brown sugar or another sweetening

40 gr. / 1.41 oz cacao (if you don’t like chocolate pudding, you also can use vanilla or marzipan)


Bring the milk to the boil. After this you mix all other ingredients in. Permanent move the liquid for 10 minutes while it’s boiling. After the 10 Minutes you heat the liquid up for 2 Minutes till it bubble. Cool down. That’s it !

It’s really super easy.