mushroom pasta (under 20 minutes)

I’m really in love with pasta and could eat it like every day. It’s not as healthy as rice but nevermind. After work I don’t always want to spend my time in the kitchen, especially if it’s 9 pm and I’m hungry. I should make […]


I really love childhood memories and this meal is definitely a childhood memory. My mom made this often and it was so tasty. That’s the reason why I try to make it in a vegan version. I’m bound to say it worked out really well […]

Like Mac’n’Cheese (fast food)

I love fast food. Not that super unhealthy fast food like mc donalds but homemade fast food. Okay, sometimes burgers are fine, also fries but after work I’m super lazy and I want fresh food that doens’t need a lot of time. So I tried […]